- Note to self update your details now

  All members who accepted to be signed up to Teamer have been sent an email, it is important that you use the information in the email  

  which has your user name and password to login and update your details ASAP. 
  If you have not received the email from Teamer, please email requesting a login. is an internet based Electronic Squad Management tool which WNSC has signed up to.   

Teamer will allow your squad managers to notify you of selection for teams, competition/training cancelations and many other things in real time.  Notification can be arranged for by e-mail, text message or both as decided by each registered member.

Email and texts are free to receive, text replies are charged at 12p + vat. You can reply for free at any time through your email notification or on the teampage web page.

When you receive a notification to a competition, please follow the link and confirm your availability promptly. There is more functionality on , so please explore at your leisure.