Members can submit news

Clare Jeffery is WNSC Communication Secretary. 

Clare provides and coordinates all news/press releases for the club. If you have any achievements, swimmer representing their school or swimming a great PB, please feel free to drop Clare an email at

This does not need to be a full report, but as much information as possible would help.

Clare will still be providing articles for gala’s and open meets, but wants to make sure that she does not miss swimmers achievements and telling the rest of the club about them, especially high level galas, regional and nationals which Clare doesn’t attend.

Clare will amend the article where necessary and it will be uploaded to the website and to the papers if it is appropriate.

If your news item is about an event where other WNSC swimmers take part, can you please add information in your news article with a picture if possible as this helps when sending to a newspaper.  Pictures need to be in .jpeg format.

Our clubs\swimmers achievements are important to us and that they get fully recognised, Clare relies and appreciates all the information she receives from parents and swimmers.