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Swim England East Region 2018 

A phenomenal twenty six West Norfolk Swimming Club members qualified to compete at the Swim England East Region 2018 Short Course (25metre pool) Championships, held in Luton between 2nd and 4th November.

West Norfolk swimmers ranged in aged from 13 to 22 years. 

The competition also offered a valuable opportunity for swimmers to achieve tougher qualification times for the Swim England National Winter Championships, to be held in Sheffield in mid December.

At the end of the event, the #purplearmy of West Norfolk Swimming Club finished as the top Norfolk club, in 5th place on the medals table and with 61 clubs competing they had out performed many larger clubs.

Unfortunately, despite qualifying for six events at Luton , ill health kept Roxanne Uys from joining her team mates who enjoyed a fabulous weekend of swimming against top quality competition.

The event got underway on Friday evening, with Lucie Peck (15) finishing 6th in a personal best (PB) time of 9:12.22 in the 800m freestyle, as the fastest Norfolk based swimmer.  Sam Rose (15) finished 12th with a PB of 16:40:33, also the fastest Norfolk based swimmer, and in doing so achieved a first Winter Nationals qualification time.

On Saturday and Sunday the competition involved races across all distances in all four strokes, as well as individual medley (IM) and some team relays events.  Individually, West Norfolk swimmers notched up a huge number of individual personal best times, and collected medals and trophies along the way.

Alex Florance (18) swam the 100m (PB) and 200m (PB) IM, 50m (PB), 100m and 200m (PB) breaststroke.

Alfie Randall (16) raced the 400m IM, achieving a big, three second PB.

Archie Holman (20) raced the 50m breaststroke.

Astrid Hubbard (14) achieved PBs in four of her six events.  50m (PB) and 100m butterfly, 100M (PB) and 200m IM (PB) and 100m and 200m back stroke (PB).

Bryony Pack (17) had a busy fifth session on Sunday, swimming the 200m IM, 50m freestyle (PB) and 100m butterfly.

Chloe Sorrell (17) raced the 50m backstroke.

Ellie Mei Shepperson (15) scored  PBs in all of her events, the 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke.

Finn Ryan (19) raced six events, narrowly missing out on a medal, placing fourth in the 50m breaststroke (PB) , 100m (PB) and 200m IM (PB). His other events were the 100m breaststroke (PB), and 50m freestyle (PB).

Fraser Ryan (17) scored a PB in his 100m freestyle.

Freddie Laws (15) had seven events, achieving two Winter National qualifications and six personal bests. 50m(PB), 100m(PB, WN), 200m(PB, WN) breaststroke, 100m, 200m (PB) and 400m (PB) IM and 200m backstroke (PB)

Jacob Isle (17) also competed in seven events and logged three PBs. He raced the 50m (PB), 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 50m (PB) and 200m (PB) backstroke.

Jake Lammas (17) had six races, scoring three PBs. 50m (PB), 100m (PB), 200m and 400m (PB) freestyle 200m (PB) IM and 200m (PB) backstroke.

Joe Read (16) raced the 200m freestyle.

Joseph Wells (19) was one of three swimmers taking part in 12 events, and notched up six PBs over the course them.  50m (PB) , 100m (PB), 200m (PB), 400m (PB) freestyle, 100m, 200m (PB) , and 400m (PB) IM, 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke 50m (PB) and 100m(PB)  butterfly.

Lara-Grace Mount (16) swam eight events, with PBs in five. 50m (PB), 100m, and 200m (PB)backstroke, 50m(PB) and 100m freestyle, 50m butterfly and 100m (PB) and 200m (PB) IM.

Leah Wightman (13), the youngest member of the squad swam five events, notching up three PBs on the way. 200m (PB)and 400m (PB)IM,100m and  200m(PB) backstroke and 200m freestyle 

Lucie Peck raced 10 events.  Over the weekend she gained a Winter Nationals qualification time and logged five PBs. After her 800m freestyle, she raced 100m (PB), 200m (PB, 6th, ) and 400m (4th, WN, PB) IM, 100m (PB) , 200m, and 400m freestyle, 100m (PB) backstroke, 50m, 100m and 200m (PB, 7th) butterfly.

Luke Bryan (18) competed in eight events. He achieved five PBs including consecutive ones in the heat and final of the 200m breast stroke, along with a Winter Nationals qualification time. Lukes final time of 2:19:79 set a new all time Norfolk county  record.  50m freestyle (PB 8th) , 50m butterfly, 50m (PB), 100m (PB) and 200m (PB, PB, WN)breast stroke, 100m (PB), 200m (PB) and 400m(PB) IM.

Molly Lee (17) raced five events, taking two medals. Molly swam a PB and Winter Nationals qualification time while taking a bronze medal with  a PB in the final of the 100m breast stroke.  Molly also achieved silver, with PBs in both the heat and final of the 50m breast stroke.  She also raced the 50m (PB) freestyle, 100m IM and 200m breast stroke.

Nathan Wells (20) came away with a clutch of nine Winter National qualification times, two gold, three silver and a bronze medal along with four other top eight finishes and all time Norfolk County records in the 50m and 100m backstroke. Nathan raced the 100m (PB 2nd), 200m (PB 2nd) , 400m (2nd) IM, 50m (PB), 100m(6th), 200m(6th) and 400m (4th)freestyle, 50m (PB 1st) 100m (PB 1st)and 200m (PB, 3rd)backstroke and the 100m butterfly.

Oliver Harris (17) raced five events, notching up a PB as he went.  50m and 100m freestyle, 50m and 100m (PB) breaststroke, and 50m butterfly.

Oliver Kenny (21) swam seven events, marking up five PBs.  Oli also racked up GB  deaf swimming records in 50 & 100 back and English deaf swimming records in 50 breaststroke & 100 IM50m (PB) and 100m (PB) freestyle, 50m (PB), 100m (PB) backstroke, 50m (PB) butterfly, 50m (PB) breaststroke and 100m(PB) IM. 

Rachael Johnson (16) had six events. 100m (IM) and 200m IM, 100m and 200m backstroke, 50m and 100m breaststroke.

Sam Rose (15) raced twelve events, notching up a full house of twelve PBs, and achieving five Winter Nationals qualification times.  Along with the 1500m freestyle he swam 50m, 100m, 200m (WN) and 400m (WN) freestyle, 100m and 200m (WN)  IM, 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke, 50m and 100m (WN) butterfly.

Sarah O’Brien (22) raced in five events, recording three PBs over the weekend. 50m and 100m (PB) breaststroke, 50m (PB) freestyle, 50m butterfly, 100m (PB) IM.

Head Coach Sarah Vanderloo said  ‘I was really pleased to see both the efforts of my swimmers and the results they achieved. It is still relatively early in the season, and the times recorded across the board give us a real confidence boost.  The trademark positive team spirit among our swimmers made for a very enjoyable, if very tiring weekend.  There’s no time to sit back or relax though, with Arena League, Mini Meets, Open Meets in Sheffield and Peterborough, plus Winter Nationals all before Christmas. We then move onto the County championships shortly after the New Year.’

WNSC has squads for aspiring competitive swimmers of any age or ability and hold regular trials for potential new members.  Anyone who would like to explore membership should check out the club where details and contact information can be found.

Picture 1 – Team  Photo (absent Bryony Pack & Alex Florance)

Rear –  Joseph Wells, Sam Rose, Jake lammas, Archie Holman, Oliver Kenny

Middle – Molly Lee, Ellie-Mei Shepperson, Oliver Harris, Jacob Isle, Finn Ryan, Luke Bryan, Alfie Randall, Nathan Wells

Front – Rachael Johnson, Sarah O’Brien, Lucie Peck, Freddie Laws, Fraser Ryan, Astrid Hubbard, Lara-Grace Mount, Leah Wightman, Joe Read

Picture 2 – Nathan Wells with 100m backstroke trophy

Picture 3 -Medal table


Junior Fenland League title 2018 

West Norfolk Swimming Club Juniors retained the Junior Fenland League title after a win in the ‘C’ final at Bottisham.  After five rounds, beginning in March 2018, West Norfolk Swimming Clubs younger athletes aged 13 and under tasted victory in the ‘C’ final of the Junior Fenland League, a team competition, at Bottisham on 20th October.

Their score of 163 points over the 45 races on the day gave them victory to win the gala and the league.

On the day they finished 11 points clear of second placed Bottisham and 31 points ahead of third placed St Neots swans. Mildenhall and Chatteris finished fourth and fifth.

Overall WNSC placed first in the league with 720 points, ahead of St Neots swans (606), Bottisham (555),  Mildenhall(556) and Chatteris (401).

West Norfolk swimmers who won their individual events were:

Harry Johnson, 12/U 100m individual medley;

Daniel Grimmer, 13/U 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly;

Thomas Arthur Jagger, 9yrs 50m freestyle;

Mia Halls, 10/U 50m breast stroke, 11/U 50m breaststroke;

Jack Sharpe 11/U 50m butterfly, 11/U 50m breaststroke, 12/U 50m breaststroke, 12/U 50m; backstroke

Josh Parker, 11/U 50m freestyle;

Elyn Lauder, 11/U  50m freestyle;

Chloe Liddell, 13/U 50m butterfly;

Erin Curl (Captain) 13/U 100m Individual Medley.


Head Coach Sarah Vanderloo said: ‘This was a fantastic result for the younger swimmers in the club, which came about from their commitment and consistency over the course of the 5 team galas over 7 months since March.   There’s no room for complacency now then, as they will focus firmly on the county championships coming up in January’.


Thomas Jagger, Josh Parker, Jack Sharpe, Thomas James, Daniel Grimmer, Erin Curl, Elyn Lauder, Libby Collins, Eloise Collins, Mia Halls, 

Harry Johnson, Chloe Liddell, Pemberley Hornigold, Olivia Skittrell,  Alfie Ellis,



British and English championships and National Open Water event 

The British Summer Championships took place between 24th – 29th July at Ponds Forge International Sports centre in Sheffield.  Five athletes from West Norfolk Swimming Club qualified to compete in the six day event.

On day 1, Roxane Uys (19yrs) raced a seasons best time in the 50m breast stroke to finish 14th, while Molly Lee (17yrs) got into the final with a time of 33.82, and she finished 8th with a quicker 33.62. 

Molly Lee raced again on Tuesday, day 2, in the 200m breaststroke, as did WNSC ‘old girl’ Natalie Coogans who now sims for the University of Stirling.

Day 4, Wednesday saw British Championships debuts for Freddie Laws (15yrs) in the 200m breaststroke, and Lucie Peck (15yrs) in the 1500m freestyle. Laws finished 17th in his event and Peck 16th in hers.

Although no swimmers in West Norfolk colours raced on day 5, long time club stalwart Nathan Wells took part in the 800m freestyle and 200m Individual Medley.  Wells was a finalist in the 200IM event and notched up a British Summer Champs bronze medal in the 800m freestyle event.  During the course of the week he also put in great performances in the 200m, 400m, 1500m freestyle, 100m backstroke and 400m IM events.

Day 5 brought the 100m breast stroke for Molly Lee, who rounded her season of in style on the National stage, in 13th place.

Monday 30th July was the Swim England Open Water Festival, including the National Open Water Age Group Championships at Rother Valley Country Park. 

Although swimming had to be abandoned due to terrible weather conditions the day before, the sun forced its way through to make for a mostly bright and clear day.

Harry Sharpe (13yrs) took 28 minutes 51 seconds to finish his 2 km course, coming in in 22nd place.

In the 3km race, Sam Rose (15yrs) finished in eighth spot in a time of 38mins 15 seconds, close behind an incredible three way tie for first place.

Jenn read (16yrs) took 1hr 15min and 42 seconds  to complete her 5km distance, finishing 21st in her age group.

Nathan Wells, swimming the Open water event for WNSC, finished 4th in the 19 years and over event in a time of 1hr 1min and 24seconds.

It was back to the pool, back to Ponds Forge, Sheffield on Tuesday 31st July for the Swim England National Summer Meet, running through to Saturday 4th August.

On day one, Freddie Laws got things underway with a PB heat swim in the 200m breast stroke to earn a place in the final, and then again to finish 5th.

Roxanne Uys was next up, with a PB heat swim in the 100m breast stroke, which she then bettered again in the final to take the bronze medal in a time of 1:13.38.

Sam Rose came 15th in the 50m freestyle.  Rose also swam the 400m individual medley, making PB times in both the heat and the final, where he finished in 8thposition.  Luke Bryan (18yrs) also swam the 400m IM, finishing in 13th spot.  Lucie Peck swam a huge 6 second PB in the heat of her 400m IM event, and then took off a further 4 seconds to finish in 5:06.58 to take a coveted gold medal and the English National Champion title.

Day 2 started for WNSC with Sam Rose swimming the 200m freestyle, where he missed out on a final place by a tiny 0.11 seconds and finished 11th. and later in the day PBs in the 100m butterfly, finishing 15th.

Roxanne Uys swam a massive 4 second PB in the heat of the 200m breast stroke, and went on to finish 4th, narrowly missing a second medal.

Luke Bryan also PB’d in the 200m breaststroke heat went on to finish 8th in the final.  He also had to contend with the 1500m freestyle where he finished in 7th place in a time of 17:16:28.


Day 3 Sam Rose and Finn Ryan (19yrs) both swam PBs in their 200m individual medley heats.  Rose earned a place in the final where he finished 8th, Ryan finished.

Luke Bryan had the 800m freestyle finishing 7th.

Friday was day 4 and saw just Lucie Peck swimming, in the women’s 200m butterfly event. She earned a place in the final, when she PB’d and finished 9th.

Saturday was day 5, the final day.  Lucie Peck swam the women’s 800m freestyle, finishing 6th to round of her first nationals.  Bottom seed Sam Rose swam a PB in the heat of the men’s 50m freestyle to claim a place in the final, when he PB’d again to claim the silver medal in a time of 26.84 seconds.

Former WNSC swimmer Nathan Wells also raced during the week, representing Loughborough University.  He finished 11th in the 100m freestyle, and then PB'd in both the heat and the final of the 50m backstroke to take the men’s 18yrs & over to take the gold medal and English National Champion title for the second consecutive year.


Pic 1 - National Open Water Swimmers Harry Sharp and Sam Roseimage1.jpeg


Pic 2 - National Open Water Swimmer Jenn Readimage2.jpeg


Pic 3 - English Championships women’s 17 yrs & over bronze medalist Roxanne UYS



Pic 4 - English Championship women’s 15yrs 400m IM champion Lucie Peck



Pic 5 - English Championships men’s 15yrs 50m butterfly silver medalist Sam Rose

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